Tax Code on Purchase Return for Import

What tax code should i put for import purchase return (Shortage on quantity received)?

Asked on March 27, 2018 2018-03-27 06:38:39 Business (商家)
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You mean the overseas supplier is going to send you the shortage and will bill you? In that case it is still consider as importation and tax code is IM.

Answered on March 27, 2018. 2018-03-27 08:08:52

No. Either oversea supplier issue CN or we issue DN

on March 27, 2018. 2018-03-27 11:04:53
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Then you use back the same tax code which you have use earlier for the goods purchased.  Also please consult the GST Officer at the Customs near your place to confirm whether my suggestion is correct or not because this is an importation case.

Answered on March 28, 2018. 2018-03-28 05:30:15
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