Supplier Tax Invoice Without Company Details

Supplier Tax Invoice without our company name and address, they just stated CASH SALE, can claims input tax?

Asked on December 30, 2016 2016-12-30 07:04:55 Consumer (消费者)
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It is advisable to request your supplier to issue a full tax invoice in order to claim input tax credits.  Otherwise you can only claim input tax credit up to a maximum of RM30.00

Answered on January 6, 2017. 2017-01-06 08:07:51

Hi expert,

I would like to ask if the supplier mentioned company name like cs-company name (cs = cash sales) and then no address. Is this kind of invoice can claim input tax credits which is below RM30.00?  Thank you.

on May 11, 2017. 2017-05-11 02:17:37
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Answered on May 12, 2017. 2017-05-12 02:33:46
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