Service tax on imported services for SST non-registered person

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My company is a not SST registered person.
Effective 1st January 2019, my company have to capture the service tax into account and declare using form SST-02A.
My question is what is the double entry for the transaction? eg.  Dr. Tech fees  100.00    Dr. ???  what account    6.00   Cr. Bank   106.00  … is it a must to create a new account to capture the RM6.00 ? or how ? please help. thanks


Asked on March 7, 2019 2019-03-07 08:13:35 Business (商家)
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Yes. It is advisable to open a SST Expense Account in your GL for income tax computation later on.

Answered on April 27, 2019. 2019-04-27 00:46:25
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