Premium of company passenger car insurance can claim input tax?

I know we can’t claim for repair, maintenance and refurbishment, but how about car insurance?

Asked on August 6, 2015 2015-08-06 01:15:34 Business (商家)
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Info from custom,

Block input tax for passenger car ONLY on the

  1. Purchase
  2. Repair
  3. Maintenance, upkeep and refurbishment.

Others related expenses is under “running cost”, therefore it is not blocked. For example

  1. Petrol RON97
  2. Car insurance
  3. Parking fee
Answered on August 29, 2015. 2015-08-29 04:42:51

hi Admin,

may i know where can find the above info from custom..



on November 4, 2015. 2015-11-04 06:25:24
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Passenger vehicle is blocked item – BL
Only commercial vehicle can claim input tax – TX

Answered on August 6, 2015. 2015-08-06 02:09:00

Can I say all the expenses related to passenger car, like parking fee, petrol, are blocked items as well?  It’s really confusing.

on August 6, 2015. 2015-08-06 05:05:51
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You may do so as long as it is for passenger car. But there are certain expenses which is not blocked item such as road tax = OP because it is a Government service.

Answered on August 6, 2015. 2015-08-06 08:39:03
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Hi admin, how about passenger car under company name but staff & director  use for private n business purpose?

Answered on November 18, 2015. 2015-11-18 09:11:43

following answer

on January 26, 2016. 2016-01-26 03:41:58
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I suggest you follow Admin’s advice mentioned above.

Answered on November 18, 2015. 2015-11-18 09:46:51
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Please follow the informations given by Admin.

Answered on January 26, 2016. 2016-01-26 10:32:19
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