POB for oversea customers – issue Tax invoice with OS or NS tax code OR issue debit advice?

Im local exporting company, company every month need to POB for my oversea customer workers final salary, commission,  monthly home allotment in M’sia.  Before GST-03 amendment, I issue tax invoice with OS tax code & service fee(income-SR). After amendment, can I change to issue DA w/o any tax code and issue service fee(income) with tax invoice? due to concerning about custom query on OS figure.

Asked on February 27, 2018 2018-02-27 07:27:22 Business (商家)

or still can issue with tax invoice ? change the tax code OS to NS?

on February 27, 2018. 2018-02-27 07:29:30
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It is advisable to use tax invoice instead of debit note / advice.

Answered on February 28, 2018. 2018-02-28 07:00:07
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