Malaysia Hotel booking after 01/06/2018 (GST 0%)

If a hotel booking is made and paid after 01/06/2018 but was charged GST because of agent booking system. Can we claim back the GST? If yes, do we claim from hotel or booking agent?

The booking agent is registered in China/Hong Kong.


Asked on June 5, 2018 2018-06-05 12:00:45 Consumer (消费者)
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Yes you can.

Answered on June 6, 2018. 2018-06-06 08:07:00

Do we claim from oversea booking agent or from hotel? Hotel is Shangri-la Group

on June 6, 2018. 2018-06-06 10:37:08
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You can only claim back GST input tax but not VAT.  Since your booking agent is a foreigner then I presumed there is VAT charged instead of GST, right?

Answered on June 7, 2018. 2018-06-07 01:19:53

Isn’t VAT and GST the same thing in Malaysia.? Is just called differently in different countries.

The booking agent registered office is based overseas but I paid in RM and was quoted in RM.

In the booking, it clearly separated the room rate and also the tax charged. And the tax charged could be calculated as 10% (Service Tax) + 6% (GST).

If the booking agent would have paid the hotel, I am sure the hotel would also need to pay for the GST as GST is charged at every level unlike SST.

on June 7, 2018. 2018-06-07 10:18:22
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As long as the wording in the tax invoice is VAT then you cannot claim input tax credit.

Answered on June 11, 2018. 2018-06-11 01:14:29
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