Is Handwritten Tax Invoice still valid?

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Beginning 1st October 2015, A GST registered person is not allowed to issue any FULL handwritten tax invoices.


For a registered Retailer

  • Retailer means a person owned a business in categories below,
    1. Hardware shop
    2. Restaurant including coffee shop.
    3. Mini market, grocery and sundry shop
    4. Book store. 
    5. Pharmacy.
    6. Places of entertainment.
  • Must use a GST compliant point of sale (POS) system or a GST compliant cash register to issue tax invoices.


For registered person excluding Retailer

  • Must use a computer generated tax invoice or pre‐printed tax invoice.

The registered person excluding ‘retailers’ must use a computer generated invoice or pre‐printed invoice which is GST compliant.


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Sourse: Director General’s Decision : 3 2015 (14.4.2015) 

Answered on September 4, 2015. 2015-09-04 02:48:42
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