Is GST for Handphone bill & telekom bill claimable ?

as i know handphone bill without company name can claim input tax is it? It is because certain company bear staff’s hp bill . Why still have a lot of ppl put it as BL. Anyone can help?
And how about if sole proprietor business, telekom bill registered under owner name instead of company name? Shall put it as BL too?

Asked on July 15, 2015 2015-07-15 13:39:01 Business (商家)
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Handphone bill is claimable but Telekom bill is not, because TM is fixed-line provider.

If tax invoice is not under company name, you may not claim the input tax EXCEPT mobile phone bill expenses used for business purpose.


Handphone bill = TX
Telekom bill = BL (if without company name/not under company name)

[See DG’s Decision 2/2014, No 2.]

Answered on July 20, 2015. 2015-07-20 02:32:06

Does it mean Telekom bill can claim only under company name ? or cannot claim at all?

Handphone bill for partnership, register under partner’s name also can claim?
The partner has family package under his name, his wife also one of the partner, can claim for him and his wife , and take out the kid’s line, is it correct?

on July 22, 2015. 2015-07-22 08:28:35

Please create a new question for this 🙂

on September 7, 2015. 2015-09-07 13:41:41
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There are many telco companies offering corporate account for merging all the hand-phone number together to cut cost on phone bills.  In this case, all the phone numbers will be billed under the Company and if the Company is a GST registered body, then the Company can claim Input Tax Credit on the 6% GST charged in the bills.  Otherwise if the phone number is in the name of a non-registered body then the Tax Code should be either NR or BL (No GST Input Tax claimable).

Answered on July 20, 2015. 2015-07-20 02:32:58
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