1.My Logistics services provider still issuess us the tax invoice on Jun,July and Aug  for services last year until may 2018.
But the tax invoices they put under 0% gst.
“What should I do” ot a little but a lot more than 200 tax invoices.

2.Can i Know, for the disbursement tax invoices our LSP already paid to us on behalf  but our GSt team Required original Team invoices for gst claim process before this.
and now,our LSP still query after 0% gst and sst they must provide us original tax invoice or not.

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Asked on October 16, 2018 2018-10-16 04:06:37 Business (商家)
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  1. Your logistics service provider has the right to issue tax invoice for services last year until May, 2018 and charge GST @ 6%. Effective 1/6/2018 onwards the GST is at 0%.
  2. To claim input tax credit you need to have original documents (invoices, bills, etc.). Effective 1/9/2018 it is under the SST era.  There is no claim from Customs for SST.
Answered on October 19, 2018. 2018-10-19 07:19:38
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