GST-03 Form, Part C16-Total Value of Capital Goods Acquired

Do we need to fill up in C16 for the asset bought by company as follow?
1).  Passenger car with no GST6% (bought from a person)
2).  Safe Box (second hand) with no GST6% (bought from a person)
3).  Air-conditioner with GST 6%
4).  Fax Machine with GST 6%

Asked on September 27, 2015 2015-09-27 15:59:45 Business (商家)
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We only need to fill up C16 if the purchase of capital good

  • Is subject to GST (with input tax), and
  • Is not from non-registered person, and
  • It is not under margin scheme, and
  • The input tax is not blocked.

Therefore, you only need to fill up for (3) & (4).


Reference: Panduan Mengisi Borang GST-03

Answered on September 28, 2015. 2015-09-28 15:04:47

If the capital goods no GST 6%, but i key in the amount on Part C16, need amend to customs? How should i do?

on February 23, 2017. 2017-02-23 04:28:36
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