customer in oversea, but goods to send in our country

Good  day.

Please guide .. i have a customer in singapore…payment is by LC. but good is to deliver in malaysia
is this consider a zre supply without a k2… please advice the correct action to take.

Asked on June 5, 2018 2018-06-05 05:52:21 Business (商家)
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No. It is consider ZRL because the goods are still within Malaysia.

Answered on June 5, 2018. 2018-06-05 07:12:21

How about the billing to customer ?
I have to bill the customer in singapore right

on June 5, 2018. 2018-06-05 07:36:34
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Your billing can be issued to Singapore and moreover the goods are delivered to a place within Malaysia.  If you treat this as export then you must have a Customs Form K2.

Answered on June 5, 2018. 2018-06-05 08:36:08
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