Credit Note received after submittion of GST, How?

Hi Expert,

I received an Credit Note dated 30/06/15 on 03/08/15 vis POS. My submmition for Apr’15 – Jun’15 already done before 31/07/15.

FYI, in Accounting Software we can post the CN and change the Tax perion to Jul’15 – Sept’15.

My question is Can I do that? (Posting into Accounting System as usual but change the tax period)

Thank you.



Asked on September 29, 2015 2015-09-29 03:02:00 Business (商家)
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Yes, you can do that. You can put the it Jul’15 – Sept’15 tax period.

Answered on September 29, 2015. 2015-09-29 13:17:33
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