Can i claim the input tax that bought under my company name?

Can i fully claim the input tax for the property(a shop lot) that bought under my company name (***is a shop lot and for rent to other)?

How do i claim the the input tax? And what is the tax code and how to do this entry?

Example: The property is purchase after GST register. The property purchase price is RM 371,000.00 inclusive of 6% GST, and already paid 10% booking fee to the vendor.

Asked on January 13, 2018 2018-01-13 00:08:54 Business (商家)
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The tax code is TX-CG.  This tax code refer to purchase with GST incurred at 6% for all capital goods acquired that is claimable regardless the value of the goods. For example, land and buildings, equipment, machinery, vehicles, or others capital goods which the company claims for input tax and capitalize the acquired capital goods as their assets. The GST registrant who claiming the capital goods has to declare the value of this claimed capital goods under field 6a & 6b, and field 16:Total Value of capital goods acquired (excluding GST) of GST-03 return.


Answered on January 13, 2018. 2018-01-13 06:29:59

Hi expert, thank you for you answer.

May i know the value of the asset is over RM 100K, need to do CGA is for mixed supplier only or wholly supplier need to do it too?

on January 29, 2018. 2018-01-29 06:24:11
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For all GST registered person.

Answered on January 30, 2018. 2018-01-30 00:35:36
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I believe the above reply is incorrect. Please find the following statements extracted from GST guideline on  Capital Goods Adjustment:

31. The CGA does not apply in the following cases:
(a) When a registered person makes wholly taxable supply;
(b) When a registered person is eligible for claiming input tax using fixed
input tax recovery method (e.g. commercial bank);
(c) When a mixed supplier acquires a capital asset to be used solely for
making taxable supplies;
d) When a mixed supplier acquires a capital asset to be used solely for
making exempt supplies;
(e) When an asset is acquired or imported solely for resale;
(f) Asset acquired is used for non-business purposes;
(g) Asset acquired is excluded from input tax credit, for example
passenger cars;
(h) When the value of a capital asset acquired is less than RM100,000
excluding tax;
(i) Asset acquired is subject to exempt supply.

Answered on March 15, 2018. 2018-03-15 08:10:01

Hi Dmint,

I have few question as below:

Q1: My company is a hardware shop that’s mean my company is  makes wholly taxable supply? 

Q2: My company purchase a shop lot value RM 371,000.00 (including of GST) and rent to other (pet’s shop),  mean i no need to do CGA, right?

Q3: For this i just put tax code TX-CG only, no need to do Capital Goods Adjustment, correct?

Thanks advance!

on March 17, 2018. 2018-03-17 01:13:06
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