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GST Tax Codes in Malaysia

General Info

A to Z guide to all the tax codes
(Input & Output) for Accounting
Codes for Common Accounting Items
Expenses,Sales, Income etc

Popular FAQ

List of Bank Services/Charges & its GST Code
GST & tax codes for these relief supply
GST & tax codes for Stamp duty
& stamp used in agreement
GST & tax codes for various type of staff compensations
GST & tax codes for utility bills
GST & tax codes for Road Tax
GST & tax codes for toll fee in Msia

Official Guides from Customs

  • List of recommended tax codes : Appendix 2.1 - pg 24
  • Detailed Explanation : Appendix 2.1 - pg 26
  • Mapping Tax codes & GST-03 : Appendix 4 - pg 33

Topics Related (Q&A)

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Input Tax Code
Tax codes for GST paid on business input that can be claimed
Output Tax Code
Tax codes for GST collected on behalf on Government
Banking 银行
Q&A on different dealing with banks
Company Expenses
Q&A on handling different types of company expenses

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