6GST - Q&A for Malaysia's GST


6gst.com is started to help Malaysians to sort out the GST mess ourselves.
Our hope is that this website is no longer needed because everyone get GST clearly and GST run smoothly.
Unfortunately, it doesn't seem to be that case in the near future 😛
This website is not meant to be political and biased toward any kind of position on GST.
If GST is lemon, we hope we can make the lemonade out of it by surviving and changing for better.

We are a team of web designer & coder and 6gst.com is one of our pro-bono projects.
Let us know if you have any recommendation/idea/money/time for 6gst.com 😀
You are welcome to talk to us on anything that is related to 6gst.com, forum, content marketing, social entrepreneurship, e-commerce, internet platforms, Malaysia... Actually come talk to us on any good thing under the sun 🙂